Realistic headstocks DREAMDOLL Création are most resistant to the world thanks to the undeniable quality of their skeleton.

They are able to realize most human movements, while keeping the aestheticism of their musculatures.

Their three openings usable have summers especially conceived to respect visual and sensitive realism.

That it is the mouth, the vagina or the anus, the feelings during the use make spend intense moments of pleasure.

Not to deteriorate the colors of the silicone, we advise you the use of lubricant containing water.


These technological wonders do not require any particular maintenance.

You can wash them with shower gel or product crockery, under the shower or in a bath-tub.

The intimate parts are satisfied with one washing with soapy water, and with one rinsing using a vaginal pear.


It is noted that certain clothing is not compatible with silicone.

All our realistic dolls Dreamdoll creation are delivered with a luxurious sexy combination in lattice.


Your realistic doll can be stored lying, sitted or in are packing of origin.

It is not recommended to store your doll in suspension for long time.

For a storage of long time, nudity is recommended


In the event of tear of silicone, a kit of repair is provided to you on request.

Fill the form “Asks of a Kit of repair” and we will provide you the kit as soon as possible.

So in time you wish to change the configuration of your headstock or if your headstock worsened, the complete reconditioning makes it possible to obtain the one second youth for your doll while benefitting from the last technological changes of our manufacturer.